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Rodolfo Novak joins the Method team Featured

26 July 2013 Written by 
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Method are taking the delivery of user experience very seriously. The position of Vice President of Product is traditionally filled by marketing or project managers, Method however are taking a different approach.

They have just appointed Rodolfo Novak to steer the development of the user experience. Rodolfo is one of the most sought after product strategy specialists in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Brazil, he can boast an impressive    body of work with companies such as  WattPadRipeAppsBMO and AppHero. He explained that he jumped at the chance to join Method because of the unique challenges and hurdles that are associated with creating a CRM platform specifically for small businesses.

One of the first items on the agenda is the upcoming release of the new Method mobile application. Seen as vital to the future of the CRM, Rodolfo said the mobile experience needs to have all the functionality of the desktop without using the same look and feel. There is also a new app store on the horizon that will allow developers to create new functionality and enhance existing features with more ease.

This move is a bold statement of intent by Method. They have shown a willingness to aggressively seek out and tempt the very best talent on the market in order to continue the growth and development of the product, which can only mean good things for small business owners.

(The full and original article can be found here... 'Method lands Rodolfo Novak, one of Toronto's top UX designers'. Rodolfo Novak spoke to @markevans, a strategy and marketing specialist and guest blogger at Method.

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