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Method Platform Updates - May 2, 2013

27 July 2013 Written by 
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Method Platform Updates - May 2, 2013

Posted: 02 May 2013 09:49 AM PDT

"May" version now available

The following updates are available on the staging site, as of May 2nd.  You can access the May version by clicking "Switch to the May Version" when you sign into Method.

  • § Improvement: We have moved report and chart generation to a separate server. This makes the speed charts and reports get generated more consistent, and overall faster.
  • § Fix: Value from Screen was not working for actions referencing grid dropdowns. Requires screen to be republished.
  • § Fix: Value from Screen using grid column dropdown value where the display caption of the grid column is different from the fieldname was not working.
  • § Fix: The Refresh Grid action could not clear grid checkboxes when the grid was in a section that was shown in tabs
  • § Fix: Tabs got consolidated in a More tab regardless of screen size, a problem isolated to an update in the Chrome browser.
  • § Fix: Web Forms would lose screen data in the latest update from Chrome. This was a browser caching issue we worked around.
  • § Fix: Grids being exported that used Value from Screen were not replacing the value from the screen, causing inconsistent exports in some situations.
  • § Fix: Grid SQL overrides that were being used in the "Order By" were not replacing Value from Screen.
  • § Fix: User-entered hyperlinks in grids were not properly clickable.
  • § Fix: For Intuit Merchant Services....CVV (CardSecurityCode) was not being passed in all situations.
  • § Fix: IsPrintItemsInGroup was reversed in some situations.
  • § Fix: MethodAPI - V2 of CreateMethodAccount added a day not month to new first charge date.

Fix: Rounding in sales tax was sometimes off by a penny in QuickBooks UK.

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